Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Snapshots of your life

So I'm sitting at work, and my work computer is not working, so I can't work. And I'm really sick of studying (BTW, pray for my test this afternoon--I really need to do well on it in order for the rest of my college career to continue as planned).

So I love my job. I have a computer (that normally works), my own little cubicle, and awesome office mates. I have decorated my space with all sorts of awesomeness.

This is my awesome computer mouse--you can't tell, but it lights up! :)

And an alligator stapler :)

and happy food :) Somedays the m&ms and mountain dew is what gets me up in the morning. Don't judge me--I'm an exhausted college student.

I know you can't see all of the pictures, but I have tons of pics of family and friends on the cubicle wall. I have some of my favourite quotes, 2 songs, and (as seen below), 2 hand-made picture frames. Again, don't judge. I'm an Ed. major.

I look at these pictures. There are some from all the years I've been at college. There are pictures of my best friends, my extension, stuff from school projects, and just being goofy. There is my whole society, my cheerleading squad, and pictures from Antigua. I have a picture of my former freshman speech teacher at her recital. Every time I see these people who are so dear to me, I stop and thank God for them. I pray for them.

I look at these pictures and reflect on my life. Look back on the last 3 years. See what God has done for me. In my life. My whole life can be summed up in the snapshots I and others have taken.

I see pictures from the night I was baptized. I publicly declared (as only a blind 6 year old with a 2 foot ponytail can) that Jesus Christ had changed my life forever and that I was now His child.

I see pictures from camp--various decisions made over the years. I see pictures from my school years. Where I learned wayyyyyy more than I ever wanted to know . . . My high-school graduation, surrounded by people who love me.

Then I came to college and suddenly there are tons more pictures. Because I am a social person who loves being over-extended. Sports, music activities, extension, friends, work, etc.

The snapshots of my life point out a path that God has created and directed. There have been times where I've left the path. There aren't as many pictures during those times. When we aren't following God, we struggle and don't have time to take a picture. But when we get back on track, God gives us joy--people tend to usually take happy pictures. The path ahead--God has already seen the pictures I will take. He knows what is ahead, and I can rest in His plan. I don't know what the background will be in my pictures. I don't know where I will be, who I will be with, or what I will be doing. But I have a sovereign God. He has ordained and will ordain all the snapshots of my life. And the moments connecting them.

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