Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Saw. . .

By Stephanie Steeves

I looked and saw the road ahead.
It seemed too much to take.
The obstacles rose like giants.
With fear I started to quake.

But then I looked behind me
And saw what I came through.
God said He’d never leave me
And His Word has proven true.

I saw the cross of Calvary
Where I first met the Lord.
Now I can meet Him anytime
Through the power of His Word.

I saw the valleys,low and dark.
My life was black as night.
So I reached out and called for help
And He became my light.

I saw the mountains rising.
They are vict’ry over sin.
Again I looked, and again I saw
Christ helped the battle to win.

I looked and saw the many things
I’d met along life’s way.
Through bumps and turns, rough and smooth,
Jehovah is my stay.

I saw at last, that on my side
Christ Jesus stands by me.
Through ups and downs, ins and outs
He will my fortress be.

Again, I saw the road ahead—
Not as daunting as before.
Christ has brought me through so much.
He WILL get me through some more.


  1. Wow, I didn't know you are a poet! This is great!

  2. thanks. I don't normally write, but this kind of popped into my head during a class. . . .