Monday, February 3, 2014

Above and Beyond???

Every semester, (a couple times a semester???) BJU holds a "President's Club" during chapel. During this time, they recognize students who have upheld the school's mission to serve, grow, and stuff like that. OK, so I'm not exactly sure how they choose people, other that they are peer-nominated. It's really cool to sit and listen to how God is using my fellow-students in furthering the gospel. I was particularly challenged this time, and I want to share with you what God showed me last hour.

With I believe all of the people who were recognized, Dr. Jones said something about "They went above and beyond . . . " which sounds good at first thought. And please don't misunderstand me--what these people were recognized for was good. They were doing what all of us as Christians should be doing. But why aren't we all doing what they are doing. Helping a friend or sharing what God has blessed us with should be something we are all doing every day. Giving the gospel or doing our best at work should not be "above and beyond". It should be natural for us--image bearers of Christ. We are called to be like Christ. We are called to represent Him to those around us. It should not be "unusual" when a Christian is working hard and obeying Christ.

Why is this "above and beyond" now?

When did the standards lower?

I've always wondered why Christians feel like they don't need to be different from those around us. When I work, I want my co-workers to know that I'm different. This should mean that I do my best to do my best work at all times. That I'm polite even when customers are annoying. Even if I'm sick, or tired, I'm still willing to do my best at all times.

I'm calling my generation to go "above and beyond" above and beyond. We need to set the standard of what we can and should do higher than it is. Congratulations to the people who were recognized today--you are an example to all of us of what we should be doing. Every day, living out our faith.

Romans 12:1-2--I beseech you therefore Brethern [fellow Christians], that ye present your bodies a LIVING SACRIFICE


Acceptable unto God

Which is your REASONABLE service.

And be not conformed to this world, but be ye

by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that


and acceptable

and perfect

Will of God.

Have you read Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris? It is a book written by teens for teens. It is a cry to our generation to start rising above the low expectations. Start doing hard things. Serving God. Giving him
We have. 
I went to their website/blog, and found some old blog posts that were an encouragement to me again. They are called "The Myth of Adolescence" part 1 and part 2. They basically talk about how there is this myth that has been perpetuated that the teen years are a time to goof off, waste time, and just enjoy life. While I believe that you can enjoy life all the time (no matter your age or what you are doing), the teen years are not about us. Since I am not a teenager, I believe that your years as a young adult are not about you. You should NOT spend your life making yourself feel good. It isn't about seeking enjoyment. It's about serving God. 

Raise the bar. 

Do Hard Things. 

Go Above and Beyond above and beyond. Don't settle.

Serve God. 

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