Sunday, September 15, 2013

ADD . . .I Don't have it

Break from seriousness. Pulled this from the archives (of facebook). This is me. Like, I'm seriously this random (in case you couldn't tell). 

This is an essay on ADD, it's symptoms, effects, and results, etc. ADD stands for Attention deficit disorder. Speaking of which, my room is kind of in a state of disorder right now. Like, my one roommate went home this weekend, and left Megan and I here alone. . . .bad move on her part. It's kind of trashed. Like my laundry bag. Which died today. I put some laundry in it, and it kind of doesn't work any more. Just like the car I used all summer. Gone. It was an awesome black car with a radio that only played uncheckable stuff. But I loved it. It took me to work. I work at Tim Hortons, which is a coffee shop. I don't like coffee, but I do like Orange juice. As little pulp as possible. Once we went on a field trip to a lumber mill thing and they talked about making stuff with the pulp. And the wood. Wood is cool. I want to learn how to carve wood sometime. With maybe a spoon. Knives scare me. In fact, dogs scare me. I used to deliver flyers and newspapers and I got chased by dogs. A lot of them. So I don't like them. I don't like mushrooms either. They are gross. It's like eating a fungus. I got yelled at during the lecture on funguses in science for not paying attention. Attention, as in attention defecit disorder. Yeah, ADD. So glad I don't have. 

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