Monday, May 28, 2012

Gotta update the description of my blog . . .

 The description says: "I have a passion for teenagers. I want to see them (us) stretch . . . "  I have to take out the (us). Because I am no longer a teenager. As of this past Thursday (May 24th), I left my teen years behind and am moving on to a new decade: my twenties. I have seen 2 different millennium (millenia?), 3 decades, 3 centuries, and I just turned 20. I have personally witnessed 9/11, the wars in Iraq and the middle east, the popularity of cellphones and laptop computers skyrocket, technology become a part of everyday life, earthquakes, tsunamis, national disasters, and many other things. I've heard about the deaths of Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and several other prominent celebrities. Which shows just how short and uncertain life is. No one knows how long or short their lives are going to be. Which means we should make every moment count for eternity. Which is not the point of this blog post. In the short life God has given me so far, I've watched Him do amazing things--in my own life and in the world around me. He has shown Himself to be in control of everything. And despite the world tragedies that have happened in the last 2 decades, I know that my God is still a loving God. He is still good. And He is still powerful. He is awesome.
Just because I am not a teenager doesn't mean I don't have a burden for teens, still. I still want to see them stretch to serve God with everything they have. Not only that, I want to see them stretch beyond their limits. It is only then that they will truly see God work. By depending on our own strength, and only doing what we think we can do, we can't give God the glory like we could when we give everything up to Him. So, challenge to all the teenagers that may be reading this--give your life to God. He is powerful enough to handle it and take you beyond anywhere you thought you could go. Watch Him work. You will be amazed!!!
People ask if I miss being a teenager, and they also ask if I feel any older.
1. I do and I don't miss being a teenager. Being a teen is hard work--growing and changing and added responsibility, and getting a job, highschool, getting ready for college, seeing what God wants you to do, etc. A lot of not fun stuff. On the other hand, I miss youth group. and not having to worry about growing up and the future and stuff. I miss being a teenager that actually works hard and wants to please God. Yes, I can do that as a young adult but it isn't quite the same somehow.
2. And I do feel older. this is the first time I actually have. Every year, people ask me, and every year, I don't. but suddenly, I'm a young adult. not a teenager. which is cool. I'm excited to see how God is going to work in my life this next decade, and I"m looking forward to see what he lets me do :)

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  1. I will be just about the same here in a few weeks! Yikes, time flies.
    your cousin